when the courtroom isn’t the right place to solve your disputes, we are trained in collaboration for you.

Texas is a pioneer in the use of alternate dispute resolution, including the method known as collaborative law. Ours was the first state to draft and approve statutes involving the collaborative law process, which is fast becoming a preferred method for securing a divorce.

We have advanced training in collaborative law and remain one of the most prolific practitioners of this alternative to traditional litigation. We believe strongly in this process for certain divorces, when the parties are also committed to settlement.

“It’s not that people have to become totally agreeable. If they were that agreeable, they might not be getting divorced. It’s just that people have to see how this process can benefit them and their children today and in the future.”Karen Turner

Collaborative law is accomplished outside the court system. When you decide on using the collaborative process, the case moves outside the traditional legal system, allowing the parties to move forward at their own pace.

Collaborative law is a structured method for conducting settlement negotiations and agreements that emphasizes privacy and maintaining the dignity of the parties. The process focuses on the goals of the divorcing spouses and avoids most of the acrimony that traditional contested litigation can create.

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