We have been fortunate to represent a wide variety of clients — everyone from billionaires to everyday moms and dads. We have worked with households full of children and with couples for whom the family dog instigated the argument. Our clients receive our utmost attention, confidentiality and privacy.

Past clients include but not limited to:

  • Professional athletes or their spouses
  • National celebrities
  • A Texas politician
  • A national politician’s wife
  • Owners of multimillion-dollar companies
  • Several billionaires or their spouses
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • CEOs of publicly traded companies
  • Mothers in custody cases
  • A wife whose husband hid assets
  • Fathers in custody cases
  • A father who was the victim of paternity fraud
  • Average families who need assistance dividing assets or resolving custody disputes
  • People who want to protect their assets with premarital and post-marital property agreements
  • Parents who returned to court after divorce to change the custody arrangement
  • Clients who want to resolve their property and child related disputes without litigation through the collaborative process